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Simple. Easy to Use. No Downloads.

MeetingMade is a web-based meeting scheduling tool that automates and simplifies the scheduling of meetings by removing the tedious ‘back & forth’ over the phone or email.

MeetingMade is an easy to use program that takes an often complex problem and reduces it down to a very simple, easy to manage process. You and your meeting participants can share your availabilities using an easy-to-use interface without the risk of disclosing or compromising personal schedules. MeetingMade then calculates the best meeting time for everyone.

MeetingMade works seamlessly with most known browsers and utilizes established calendaring mechanisms present in all of today’s email programs, online services, and smart mobile devices. Only the person originating the meeting needs to be a subscriber; participants use it for free.

"What makes MeetingMade stand out from the options we’ve previously covered here on WebWorkerDaily is that it has a nice, easy to use interface for participants to select the times that they are available and does a very good job of working out the best time for your meeting to occur."

-- Simon Mackie, Editor at

Free to use!

Just enter your Full Name and Email Address and you're good to go.

  • Meetings seemlessly integrate with all known calendaring programs, services, and smart mobile devices
  • Share your availability, not your proprietary schedule
  • No software or downloads required
  • No ads; your privacy is assured